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We have an experimental Google Calendar which we will try too keep up to date with the trips lists,

You should be able to connect or import this calendar to a variety of other lectronic calendar systems, so there's no excuse to miss another trip.

Google Calendar.
From your Google calendar page on the web, you should see a section on the left titled 'Other Calenders'. There's a wee menu button there tagged 'Add', left click on that and select 'Add by URL'. Put the following URL into the box:

and click 'Add Calendar'.

That should be it, the calendar should appear in the other 'Other Calendars' section.

Android Phones.

Once the calendar is added to your Google calendar account, as above, it should just appear, as if by magic, on your Android phones.

Hotmail/WindowsLive & Windows Phones

Niall has provided some instructions on this (PDF).


If anyone uses this calendar on any other systems, please write up a short description on how to get it working and send it on to Charlie to have it added to his page.

Any problems or other questions, please contact Charlie.