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Directions to a few useful places.

Gracemount (Pool Sessions)

Pool sessions are held in the pool at Gracemount Leisure Centre on the southern edge of Edinburgh, off Captains Road.

Gracemount Leisure Centre
22 Gracemount Drive
Edinburgh EH16 6RN

(map to follow)

Musselburgh Lagoon

In the 'summer', our outdoor sessions are held at Musselburgh Lagoon, between the racecourse and the sea.

Drive through Musselburgh to the east, past the race-course or
whatever, to the Levenhall roundabout where the A199 and
B1348 meet. From the roundabout take the B1348 towards Prestonpans.
The entrance to the lagoons is on the left,
not far past the signs marking the end
of the 30mph limit as you come out of Levenhall. It's no more than
a mile from the roundabout. There's a 2m high barrier at the entrance. If your vehicle,
remember the boats, is higher than this then contact us as
we have a key for the gate next to the barrier. Once through the barrier,
follow the road round until it becomes a dirt road. Keep going.
The track takes a 90 degree
right, stay with it as the lagoon is at the end.

Lothian Buses
numbers 15 and 26 go past the lagoon. You probably want the first
at or after Levenhall Roundabout then you can walk 'cross country'
over to the lagoon


The Lagoon is the smallest of the 'Ash Lagoons' in the middle below, where the 'P' sign is.

Musselburgh Map

Craiglockhart Sports Centre (Boatshed)

The boatshed, which is the meeting point for most trips, is next to Craiglockhart Sports Centre.

Craiglockhart Sports Centre
177 Colinton Road
Edinburgh EH14 1BZ

(map to follow)

Seacliff Beach

Seacliff Beach is in East Lothian, about 5km east of North Berwick (NT607846). It's the bay shown in the map below (The Gegan is the name of the sandstone headland at the west end of the bay).

Seacliff Map B

To access the beach take the A198 and turn onto the farm track at Aulhame Farm. After 500m the track splits - take the left fork which will probably involve paying two pounds (you'll need two one pound coins) to a barrier machine. From there a track leads down to the beach. It's a one way system so to get out follow the road round.

Seacliff Map A