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EKC - Club trips - Participant information

Edinburgh Kayak Club organises a number of Club Trips on rivers, seas, reservoirs and lochs throughout the year. They can vary enormously, from a gentle paddle on a Loch to rugged conditions on fast white water. It can be helpful to refer to the water grading on the ukriverguidebook and SCA websites for a general idea, but the conditions on the day depend on the weather, and on water levels. The trip might have to be relocated, often at the last minute, and on occasion a trip might have to be cancelled.
Club Trips are advertised via the Calendar on the EKC website. For details, click on the entry in the Calendar, or contact the trips coordinator. The trip constantly evolves, so please check the link regularly. The advertising for the trip includes information on the trip leader, the difficulty of the trip, and the level of ability expected in the participants. Those interested in any trips please contact the leader or the trips coordinator well in advance. Do not simply turn up on the day.
The overall ethos is that each participant should come prepared to look after themselves. As with any outdoor pursuit there is an element of risk, so it is important to study the information below, understand the basis of your participation and not put yourself, or other paddlers, at risk.
Junior members attending club trips must have parental approval and have completed the consent forms.
All participants must be fully paid up members of the EKC.
In all cases, participants must be competent group paddlers, ideally holding at least BCU 1* certificate or equivalent. For kayak trips, attendees must have attended a least two pool sessions, have demonstrated a basic level of competence and be comfortable doing wet-exits. For canoe trips, paddlers must be able to demonstrate competence on very sheltered water and capsize drills prior to moving onto gentle rivers. For all paddlers some level of familiarity with rescues of self and others is preferred.
Please check the specific requirements of a trip with the leader, or the trips coordinator.
Please be aware that Trip leaders may refuse to let participants to come on a trip because they are unsure of their competence or fitness or because the trip is oversubscribed. Participation is always at the discretion of the Trip leader.