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Trips and Events: Autumn/Winter 2010

Here's the proposed trip list into Autumn/Winter 2010.

Please note that this is provisional and some of these may be subject to change.

Date Level Organiser
Oct 10th Beginners David
Oct 24th Improvers / Perth Show Trip TBC
Oct 31st Improvers Jeff
Nov 6th Intermediate (Saturday) Graham
Nov 13/14th Weekender David
Nov 24th (Wed) AGM, 7:00pm in The Sheep Heid, Duddignston
Dec 4th Peter pre party Paddle Peter
Dec 4th Christmas Party Graham N.
Dec 18th Advanced (Saturday) Graham N.

Please Note: The trips listed above are not coaching courses. For coaching, and before coming along on any of these trips, come along to our weekly pool/pond meets. See the trip guide page for an idea of what tp expect on trips.

Google Calendar

We have an experimental Google Calendar which we will try too keep up to date with the trips lits, It is available through the following links.